Month: September 2011

Voices from Our Travels: Maimará, Argentina

September 28, 2011 Look Travel

Voices from Our Travels-Maimara, Argentina

The Quebrada de Humahuaca cuts a ragged swath through northwestern Argentina’s Jujuy province. Pillars of red stone rise from one side of the valley, facing off against the steep flanks of mountains striated in sage, ochre and rust on the other. The towns strung along the base of the valley have become increasingly popular tourist destinations in the last few years, with lovely Tilcara leading the way for backpackers on the popular Argentina-Bolivia route, and tiny Purmamarca captivating theluxury crowd. Between the two lies the village of Maimará. (more…)

Voices from Our Travels: Boipeba, Brazil

September 16, 2011 – Look Travel

Boipeba Beach, BrazilThe village of Boipeba isn’t quite silent on a Saturday night. A group of men play an animated game of checkers near the docks. Brazilian Portuguese issues from one or two television sets along the cobbled street that leads uphill to the broad grassy square at the village’s heart. And over all of it there is a vague rhythmic pounding, a surprisingly insistent pulse for anyone who has spent the day enjoying the tropical almost-silence of rustling palms and lapping surf. (more…)