Month: May 2012


June 2012 The Caravan

Were it prettier, you might call the town of Filadélfia mirage-like. To arrive here, you’ll drive six hours from Asunción, landlocked Paraguay’s sweaty capital, through the vast flatness of the Gran Chaco, a region stretching from northern Argentina across half of Paraguay and into Bolivia and Brazil. Every gust of wind here lifts a sheet of dust from the parched April ground. Flat-bottomed clouds slide by as over a sheet of glass. The sky’s not a dome, it’s a lid. (more…)

Pick and Click

May 2012ELLE India

Early on a Wednesday morning, traffic out of Neb Sarai on the fringes of South Delhi had come to a typical halt. Horns blared, drivers shouted, hawkers touted their wares, and the high whirr of a single engine sounded from behind as a motorbike zipped through the fray. Emblazoned in yellow and white across the driver’s blue messenger bag was the insignia of


Others Like Us

May 1, 2012 – The Caravan

“My finding is that your problem is a small problem,” a judge tells Simin and Nader from off screen during the divorce hearing that opens A Separation.  Nader has already made for the door. Simin, her red hair barely covered by a loosely draped headscarf, levels her stare at the judge, whose perspective is that of the camera. When Simin, her face shot in medium close-up, looks directly into the camera, she does not break the fourth wall so much as challenge its very viability. Distance, her look says, has no place here. You are implicated from the first, compelled to stay close. Even small things tend to look big in close-up. (more…)