Month: July 2016

In Santiago, Chile, the Best Breakfast is Dinner

July 8, 2016 – Extra Crispy

Santiago, Chile, has never been on anyone’s list of the world’s, or even South America’s, most interesting cities. (Except perhaps in 2011, when the New York Times inexplicably declared it the world’s top travel destination.) Santiago lacks Lima’s colonial charm or its world-class cooking. It doesn’t have the cosmopolitan glamour of a Buenos Aires, the spectacular setting of a Rio, or even the mercantile vibrancy of a São Paulo. It’s a staid, pleasant place— well-behaved, but plain, its river a concrete trough, its palm trees a kind of afterthought. Even its prettiest, most bohemian neighborhoods are overwhelmingly gray, shrouded in a heavy pall of pollution trapped there by the mountains that form the city’s eastern boundary. It’s a nice enough place, but not much more. (more…)