Month: December 2010

Santiago’s Best Restaurants: Boragó

December 27, 2010This is Chile

Born in Santiago, Rodolfo Guzmán has traversed the length of Chile for ingredients endemic, and often unique, to this corner of the world. He has returned with berries from Patagonia, fish from Easter Island and herbs from Santiago mountainsides. In his kitchen at Boragó, these ingredients come together to create food that Chef Guzmán describes as both ‘wild and rustic,’ and ‘innovative.’ (more…)

New Chilean website creates catalogue of street music

December 7, 2010

On buses and street corners, at cafes and city squares, Santiago’s street performers, or callejeros, are essential bearers of the city’s cultural traditions. Some perform well-known folk songs, others write original pieces, while still others explore more recently introduced genres like rap, African drumming and dance. A new Santiago-based project called Santiago Sonoro, the first of its kind, makes this music available to the public as an online registry and catalogue. (more…)