Month: March 2007

Peter Gelb and the Aging of the Met

Spring 2007–The Blue & White

Every Thursday night when you’re getting ready to go out, something extraordinary happens 7 subway stops away: a performance at the Metropolitan Opera.  When it comes to the average age of its audience members, though, the Met is CBS—on a typical night, you are unlikely to find more than a few dozen patrons under the age of 30.  Financially speaking, it’s a problem; after all, an audience that might well be dead before the eleven o’clock curtain offers little promise of repeat business.  With this in mind, and with new General Manager Peter Gelb at its helm, The Met is working hard to shed both its stodgy image and its economic woes.  Now that most venerable of New York’s cultural institutions, needs to make opera fashionable again—that means getting college students off the train at 66th St. for more than just a movie. (more…)