Month: September 2015

Hill Stations: India’s Historic High-Altitude Getaways

28 September 2015 – Travel+Leisure

Despite centuries plundering the tropics, the British never quite squared themselves with the world’s balmier climates. They tolerated Bombay in the winter and built themselves gracious mansions in Calcutta and Madras and New Delhi, but pick up any novel or memoir from the period of the Raj, and you’ll find woeful complaints against the unhealthy climate of the humid, malarial lowlands. (more…)

Six Books to Read Before You Visit India

14 September 2015 – Travel+Leisure

Before travel became a widely accessible pastime, visiting the far corners of the world was the purview of a privileged few—traders and soldiers first, then adventurers and explorers, and later still the occasional aristocrat stepping off the genteelly trammeled path of the Grand Tour. Everyone else had books.

Even in our hyper-connected, tech-driven age, books remain an invaluable repository of information and experience. Few places on earth inspire such frenzied flights of fantasy as India, and many books have been written about it over the years. We’ve chosen six great tomes from the last decade that offer readers several places and experiences guaranteed to inspire a trip. So ready your favorite reading chair, but keep the computer handy—you may be booking tickets sooner than you think. (more…)