Month: May 2014

Loulou’s India

8 May 2014 – T Magazine

It’s only mid-February, but winter is already starting to retreat into the hills, leaving South India’s fertile plains to bake under the pre-summer sun. After a year of weak rains, the landscape here in the Palani Hills — where the flat expanse of Tamil Nadu rises to the spice and tea estates of the lush Western Ghats — is dry.

Just above the coconut fields, Isla Van Damme (call her Loulou) walks onto the veranda of the home she’s spent the last year building in this remote, largely unknown corner of India. She glances down at the table she’s just finished setting — the colonnade of candles, the offhand flourish of bougainvillea set out for her first dinner party in the new house — then up at the sky. “There aren’t going to be many stars tonight, but you never know,” she says. “We make our own stars.” (more…)

It Takes a Village

May/Jun 2014 – Architectural Digest India

If people have one complaint about life in Mumbai – and most people have many more than that – it’s the lack of connectivity. It’s no great secret that India’s largest city is suffocating under the pressures of overpopulation, crumbling infrastructure and traffic that can turn a taxi into a torture chamber. Nor is it any great secret that Delhi has responded to Mumbai’s example by spreading like a cloud of nuclear fallout, developing a robust infrastructure of highways and metro lines to connect the sprawl of gated low-rise residential colonies. (more…)