Month: March 2013

Django Chained

March 25, 2013 – GQ India online

It’s intermission during Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino’s much-discussed, two-and-three-quarter-hour spectacle, which I’m seeing a day after it premieres in Juhu. So far, not a thing has been cut – not the eyeball gouging, or the hammer to the skull, or the gelatinous fountains of blood, or even the man being torn to pieces by dogs (horrible, by the way). In short: I’m pleased. (more…)

The Little Prince

March 2013 – GQ India* 


It’s not quite 11pm, but we’ve already been at Centre Point – Shillong’s best-known nightspot – for at least three hours. Despite the brilliantly backlit bar, the room glows with a dim, lurid light somewhere between crimson and burgundy. It’s a cold weekday night in early winter and most of the tables are empty save for a cluster of presumptive tourists looking out large picture windows over the illumined labyrinth of Meghalaya’s hill station capital. I step outside for a minute or two, and by the time I come back in, I find not one, but two extra shots sitting next to my still half-full gin and tonic.