The Gift of the Maggi

16 January 2015Lucky Peach

When I started looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Bombay about two and a half years ago, I had a short list of specifications:

  1. It needed to be semi-furnished.
  2. I needed ceilings high enough that I wouldn’t have to crouch. (Being six feet tall, average-ish in New York but tall here, this is surprisingly not a given.)
  3. I needed at least some natural light.
  4. I needed a kitchen.

It was this last request that flummoxed my brokers. I saw several places that had a mini-fridge and a single hot plate in lieu of a kitchen. When I explained I needed someplace to cook, the broker would look at me—a single, twenty-something man—and say, “Yes, you can cook. Chai and Maggi.” (more…)