Breaking Ground

November-December 2013 – Architectural Digest India

“My clients are getting younger as I’m getting older, which is nice,” says Rahul Mehrotra, his perfectly round glasses propped above his forehead. He smiles warmly through his neatly trimmed gray beard, shrugs and laughs: “As my beard got whiter, people started listening to me more easily.”

We’re making our way through the nondescript sprawl of Hyderabad’s Cyber City, and Mehrotra’s elliptical manner of speech – as clear and circular as those glasses – draws theoretical threads and practical lessons effortlessly through the various projects and preoccupations that have constituted his career. To our left, silvering under gray monsoon clouds, a soft-edged green mass sits – or rather, grows – between the hard blue glass cubes that dominate the landscape. Rahul interrupts himself to point out the building. (more…)